About the Podcast:

The #R6Prepares podcast started in 2019, and has quickly become a success. Hosted by FEMA Region 6 Community Preparedness Officer Bill Bischof, the podcast allows emergency preparedness and management advocates to listen to different youth perspectives, from adults guiding youth preparedness programs to the very youth themselves. This is another one of the many ways Region 6 is leading the nation in youth preparedness.

Podcast #1: CERT in Schools

Noelle Jones, a high school student from Italy, Texas, shares a rare experience of surviving being shot during an active shooter incident at her school. Joining her in this podcast is Lee Guidry, her Civil Air Patrol instructor and high school mentor.

Noelle discusses the incident, and what training she learned after that she believes would have been beneficial for all students to have known then. This a compelling, heart-wrenching story worth a listen.

Podcast #2: Youth Preparedness in Arkansas

In the second edition of the #R6Prepares podcast, Bill Bischof interviews his colleague Gary Ragen of the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management (ADEM).

Gary discusses the Arkansas Youth Preparedness Council, and what tools he has used to make it the premier State Youth Preparedness Council in the nation. He also discusses how FEMA Region 6 has helped supplement their mission, and vice versa. In building the first true state youth preparedness program in the nation, he highlights the reasons why Arkansas has been so successful, and ways they are continuing to grow their program. One of the most popular is the institution of youth preparedness camps at numerous institutions of higher education in the state. Gary's two part interview is in-depth and concise, and is a perfect example of understanding and success of youth preparedness. This is a podcast not only worth listening to, but studying.

Podcast #3: Youth Perspective

Wyatt Reed is the feature of the latest #R6Prepares podcast, and talks in depth about his role and experience leading multiple councils from the local level to the national level. Wyatt is one of the leading voices in youth preparedness today, and his experience and insight is helpful for anyone of any age wanting to start a youth preparedness program in their community.

Podcast #4: Mart High School

Buffy Waldie is a teacher at Mart High School in Mart, Texas. Buffy has been instrumental in leading the Mart Teen CERT program, and has led it to be one of the most successful programs in Region 6 today. Because of that, they were recently awarded the 2020 Region 6 Youth Preparedness Award. Join host Bill Bischof in this episode to discover the tips to a successful Teen CERT/Youth program.

Podcast #5: Preparedness, the Whole Community Approach

The fifth installment of the #R6Prepares Podcast features Lynn Cordes from the Lawton Public School District in Lawton, Oklahoma. Community preparedness is sometimes the most difficult to accomplish, but always the most necessary. Community preparedness involves an all-inclusive, all-hazards approach to mitigation and planning. Listen as Lynn Cordes shares the tips and tricks to whole community engagement that prompted Region 6 to award her the 2020 Whole Community Preparedness Award.

Podcast #6: CERT 101

The sixth episode of our #R6Prepares Podcast series features Lisa Rubey, coordinator and program director for the New Braunfels Community Emergency Response Team in Texas. This particular team is one of the top teams across Region 6, in large part due to Lisa. Listen as Lisa shares their story, and how you too can be successful.

Podcast #7: Reaching the Public

In the seventh episode of the #R6Prepares Podcast, Bill is joined by FEMA Region 2 Community Preparedness Officer Deborah Costa. While Region 2 covers most of the New England area, the podcast series hosted by Deborah is listened to by thousands across the country. This video will impart great knowledge that Deborah has to share to those who watch and listen.

Podcast #8: The Volunteer's Role

#R6Prepares Podcast #8 features Angela Jouett. Angela is the coordinator of both a Medical Reserve Corps team and a CERT Team. This unique insight into how volunteer organizations lend a helping hand in disasters is worth the watch!

Podcast #9: Tribal Preparedness

In this episode, Bill is joined by James LeClair. James is an exceptional emergency manager and works with the Otoe-Missouria tribal nation. Listen in as he shares stories and information about the great youth preparedness programs in his tribal nation.

Podcast #10: An Unlikely Helper

Although it may not be the first agency to come to mind, the United States Armed Forces and National Guard are a great asset to emergency management. In this episode, Casey (Williams) Crutcher offers some reasoning as to why that is. You won't want to miss this episode!

Podcast #11: Culture of Preparing

Roxie Beall was a phenomenal advocate for preparedness within the State of Oklahoma, especially in youth preparedness. While she will no longer be working in Oklahoma as she pursues other opportunities, the legacy she leaves behind her will continue to impact the culture of preparedness in the state for years to come. Watch and learn in this #R6Prepares episode!

Podcast #12: Good, Bad, and Everything In-Between

In this episode of the #R6Prepares podcast, Bill sits down with Rubby Douglas, the Preparedness Section Chief for Louisiana's Emergency Management Agency. She shares her experiences in emergency management, whether it's good, bad, or just plain 'ole realistic! A fantastic episode worth the watch!

Podcast #13: Time to Exercise

In all aspects of life, exercise is crucial! There is no exception when it comes to preparedness and emergency management. Take a look at this video, where Bill sits down with leading exercise coordinating officials within FEMA and Texas. Practicing what we preach is crucial to a well-rounded preparedness approach. We invite you to listen in!