Youth Training Series

About the Series:

The Youth Training Series is a special edition of the #R6Prepares Podcast. Due to the inability to host preparedness camps in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Region 6 Community Preparedness Officer and host of the #R6Prepares Podcast Bill Bischof decided to bring the training directly to the homes of interested youth. With the help of the Region 6 Youth Preparedness Council, the following videos were produced on important preparedness topics.

COVID Safety and Mitigation

Developed by the Pope County (AR) Youth Preparedness Council, this video serves as an important reminder on how to mitigate the impacts of COVID.

The Importance of CPR

Taught by the Westlake High School Community Emergency Response Team, this episode of the Youth Training Series is sure to make your heart skip a beat... but don't worry! They will teach you how important CPR is and how it gets your heart back in rhythm.

Disaster Nutrition

This course offered from the New Braunfels Community Emergency Response Team is not about bad meals... as a matter of fact, it has great information on making great meals in the time of a disaster! Even when disaster strikes, a good diet with necessary nutrients is important, so prepare now!

The 3 Killers

No, this is not another terrible horror movie! However, the content within may scare you just a little. Don't be afraid though, all the information from the Westlake High School Community Emergency Response Team is fantastic and will keep you safe!